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Maximize your Potential with O'Hara's Proven Behavioral Systems

O’Hara believes in providing the researcher with the correct and proven tools to make their path to discovery easier.


Self Head-Restraining System

Monitor neural circuits during complex operant behavior in real time!

Avoid sacrificing time and labor training mice to feel comfortable under head-restriction procedures.

The automated process allows four rodents per unit to learn voluntary head restriction in as little as two weeks!

Trust in O’Hara’s systems!

Overcome the many challenges of exploring neuroscience by allowing yourself the peace of mind associated with our proven and reliable operant behavior neuroscience products.

Reclaim your time!

O’Hara’s focus on quality and automation allows for the potential to reclaim time traditionally spent troubleshooting equipment and training rodents.

O’Hara works with researchers to create the ideal system for their specific needs. O’Hara specializes in saving DIY researchers time and effort by performing the trial and error process for them.

Unparalleled experiment personalization!

Recent Publications


Alcohol consumption preferentially activates a subset of pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) producing neurons targeting the amygdala.

Leyrer-Jackson, J. M., Hood, L. E., & Olive, M. F.

(2021). Neuropharmacology, 108674.

Self Head-Restraining System

An automated platform for high-throughput mouse behavior and physiology with voluntary head-fixation.

Aoki, R., Tsubota, T., Goya, Y., & Benucci, A.

(2017). A Nature communications, 8(1), 1-9.

Modular Maze System: The Free Maze

The Reconfigurable Maze Provides Flexible, Scalable, Reproducible, and Repeatable Tests.

Hoshino, S., Takahashi, R., Mieno, K., Tamatsu, Y., Azechi, H., Ide, K., & Takahashi, S.

(2020).  Iscience, 23(1), 100787.

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