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Touch panel operant test

Touch panel operant test

learning & memory


Visuals (both static image and animation) can be displayed through LCD panel and touch response recorded through the special application software. Based on the touch response reward (pellet or liquid) can be provided.
It is possible to construct and execute variety of tasks by combining different visuals, cue sound, reward type and response. User can execute both simple operant task and complex tasks such as discrimination task, matching to sample task. It is also possible to evaluate impulsivity of subject animal.
Two kinds of data files are automatically saved as text file, one is per trial result file and the other is event log file.

  1. Touch panel operant chamber for mouse
  2. Interface
  3. Pellet dispenser
  4. Water supply unit (pump & bottle)
  5. Water supply unit (water supply sonde & fixing tool)
  6. Drawer mount table
  7. Ventilation fan
  8. LED house light
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